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CH series electric actuator

CH series electric actuator

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♦ Operation principle

1、Superior function: selection of intellective type, proportional type, button type.

2、Compact volume: the volume is about 35% as the same type product.

3、Light weight: the weight is about 30% as the same type.

4、Reliable function: bearing and electric element adopt importing brand product.

5、Beautiful and generous: aluminum alloy casting shell, fine and smooth.

6、Superior wear-and-tear proof: special copper alloy forging worm-wheel with high strength and good anti-friction.

7、Safe guarantee: can resist 1500V pressure for special-made lock cable line.

8、Simple set-up: uses single-phase mains, simple outer connecting circuit.

9、Convenient usage: without oiling and electricity test, waterproof and antirust, mount with any angle.

10、Protection equipment: double limit, overheat protection and overload protection.

11、Various kinds of speed:  the whole stroke time is 5-150 seconds, in order to satisfied the requirement of different operation mode.

12、Superfine circuit uses thermostable and flammable resistance line, heating but not aging, safe and reliable.

13、Anticorrosion and antirust: uses stainless steel for support, adapter, screw.

14、Intellective numeral-control: mount inner module uses advance computer chip and intellective control soft.

Accept the standard control signal of computer or industrial instrument directely (signal 4-20MADC/1-5VDC, etc.) to realize the opening of electric valve (intellective control and accuracy orientation for off-setting)

♦ Specification

♦ Environment temperature

·AC200V±10%  50/60Hz

Environment temperature is at the range of -30℃~60℃ Mount
additional dehumidifying heater in side when environment temperature
is under 0℃.

♦ Consumption

♦ Dimensions

(option function)
·contact signal output    ·opening signal output R1 converter 4~20mADC 
·Out moment protector(single direction/double direction; mechanical type electronic type)
·dehumidifying heater
·Adjusting control equipment (adjusting in 15~5 sec when wide open and close)
·standard connection support , bearing connector
·high temperature connection support, bearing connector
·Please contact sales dept as other special specification

♦ Wiring diagram

♦ Type

simple type
three-way control
S bwtton contact signal outpup type
R opening signall
RS Opens the signal feedback and the electronic contact signal output
P In sets at the intelligent module (adjustment)
input:4-20mA/1-5VDC standard signal
output:4-20mA/1-5VDC standard signal

♦ Working principle

Compare input signal of controlling box(4~20mA/1~5V)with opening check (potentiometer) of opening position signal, the drive motor stop at assigned
signal input position according to the derivation eliminating direction. The rotation of derive motor drive the rear rod and worm gear through the straight cylindrical
 gear. Output bearing would rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise when the motor rotate in positive and negative direction. Then transmit to the potentiometer
which accommodated with the gap-compensation function through the gearwheel, check the opening position and the motion of output bearing finally feedback
to the control box. And realize the proportional input signal of the output shaft's position control.

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